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The new generation of innovative grinding wheels by KREBS & RIEDEL provides the end user with an economically appealing solution for precision grinding. A new, free-cutting ceramic grain is used as an abrasive. The excellent cutting performance is achieved through an optimal combination of toughness and break behaviour of the abrasive grains.

The innovative new low-fire V88 bond system is specially tailored to the new abrasive grain and thus ensures optimum bonding of the grain. With the optional addition of structured pore formers, the grinding properties can be customised to the process. The results of this grain-bond pore space optimisation is a very sleek grinding wheel with a higher removal rate, low thermal load and improved tool life!

KREBS Quasar facts:
     » New low-fire V88 bond system
     » New abrasive grain with great cutting performance
     » Customisable microstructure composition

KREBS Quasar application:
     » Gear grinding
     » Deep and profile grinding

KREBS - Quasar (V88)


Your benefits at a glance:

» High removal rate
» Low cutting forces
» Very good profile retention
» Less wear to dressing tool
» High service life